San Joaquin County CA Assisted Living Waiver Facilities

I love a good resource, and especially one that is straightforward, factual, helpful and easily (and preferably freely) obtainable.  For assisted living, depending on where in the US you live, this can certainly be a tall order.

However, today, I came across an absolutely SUPERB assisted living facility and senior care guide for San Joaquin County, California, including the city of Stockton.   This guide is made available from the San Joaquin Human Services Agency site.

This directory big, over 200 pages of in-depth information for seniors, in a printable, downloadable, .pdf format (which I love).  You can take it with you as you tour facilities!

The great thing about this guide is that it lists the county’s assisted living facilities and residential care homes, also indicating which ones participate in the Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver (ALWP), as well as those that are geared towards Alzheimer’s or Dementia residents, and which ones participate in SSI (Social Security Inc.) and so, so much more.

Here’s a screenshot:

San Joaquin County assisted living waiver facilities



You can access the guide, for free, from here:

This guide is well worth your time to look at and at least save for future reference if you are a senior in Stockton, or might be researching care or programs anywhere in the county.

One thought on “San Joaquin County CA Assisted Living Waiver Facilities

  1. Kathryn

    Is there such a resource for other CA counties? I’m looking for assisted living waiver program in Santa Clara or San Mateo counties.