Learn Which Facilities Accept Virginia’s Assisted Living Waiver

Assisted Living, or Medicaid Waivers, to me, are a two-sided coin.  On the one-hand, they are designed to help seniors and people who may be at risk, or low-income, to get the care they need.  On the other-hand, it’s an imperfect, sometimes confusing system.  Waivers are different, and named differently from state-to-state, and they don’t cover everyone. Often times, there’s a waiting list to get services.

Virginia is no different.  They do have an “Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Waiver” available, but, as I mentioned, not everyone may be able to participate, and spaces are limited.  Additionally, only a small percentage of facilities and homes statewide accept the waiver.  There is a .pdf on the state’s Department of Medical Assistance Services site with the participating facilities.  At this time, they are as follows:


Assisted Living Waiver providers in Virginia
So, what happens if you are not accepted? Obviously, you can try to appeal the decision, but if you need help, or if you are a senior living at home, and having difficulties managing daily tasks, and if you believe you are still having trouble paying for services, you might want to contact your Local Area Agency on Aging –  each city, county and area of the US is covered by one, and often times they provide struggling or isolated seniors with in-home care services, meals, transportation and basic housekeeping.   It may be a workable alternative to the Waiver program. You can learn more about Virginia’s Area Agencies on Aging, and find yours for where you live here:


One thought on “Learn Which Facilities Accept Virginia’s Assisted Living Waiver

  1. Concerned For Mom

    My Mother has been discharged from Commonwealth AL Memory Care of Norfolk- She has Waiver/Grant lived there almost 3 years- She has undergone 4 months of hospitalization due to no proper Memory Care placement-Hampton Roads- Commonwealth Georgian Manor has ability to Admit but turned down- wont give me reason.
    Unfair practice- Medicaid discrimination- no where to go- no recourse. No laws to protect Old, Disabled Persona with ALZ and Medicaid- Not Nursing Home ready. INJUSTICE Unchecked- due to BIG Business Assisted Living Corporations without regulatory laws. All about the $$