Dreams of Opening and Owning an Assisted Living Facility?

A little motivation and inspiration for all of you out there who have ever dreamed of opening and owning your own assisted living facility!

Whether you are looking into assisted living for yourself, or a loved one, or if you are interested in working in the industry this short video shows that there are dedicated, passionate people behind the scenes making a difference for our seniors.

I love as the video progresses, her enthusiasm and passion for caring for the elderly really starts to ignite.  I think there is a reason this is one of our most popular videos!

Find more information and inspiration on our site on “How To Open An Assisted Living Facility

We have experienced so much feedback, and have received countless messages over the years from people who wish to open their own assisted living facility or caregiving service.   This may be in response to the ever-increasing demand for senior care, caregivers, and assisted living ‘beds,’ as the ‘bell curve’ of the baby-boom generation is upon us (this is often how the ‘boom’ of people from the baby-boom generation hitting retirement age is referred to).

One of the common themes, or feelings we get from hearing from people who share the dream of opening an assisted living home is simply how daunting of a project that it really is.   Most people who have this dream obviously hold a true passion for caregiving, and caring for the elderly, but they don’t necessarily have the business experience, or perhaps the financing, or knowledge about the necessary, yet strict safety and regulations surrounding the industry to actually follow through with their dream.   The actual transition from dream to reality in owning an assisted living facility can, with some people, never happen, or come to a screeching halt because of perceived ‘insurmountable obstacles.’

We’d like to offer our visitors and readers a little bit of inspiration and motivation on this front.   We (Assisted Living Directory) have spent some time visiting and interviewing facility owners (usually of the more home/residential-type of assisted living facility), and talking to them about their facilities, experiences, and how they got to the successful point that they are at in their careers as caregivers and business owners.

All of these wonderful folks say essentially the same thing – but in their own words:

– It’s extremely hard work, wrought with obstacles and setbacks to open a facility

– The rewards far outweigh any challenges or difficulties

– Persistence is key!

It can be done! Every one of the facility owners that we have spoken to seem to share the same personal drive and personal philosophies of not giving up to have achieved their dreams.

Our visit with Melinda Nava – the owner of an assisted living facility that we visited recently, spoke about her dreams of becoming an assisted living facility owner – and her belief that dreams can come true.    She spoke about when she was a young child, going to sing to the elderly at various senior care or assisted living homes, and having the vision, even at that young age – to become an owner of an assisted living home.    Even years later, when one of her bosses at a home-care type senior care company asked her what she eventually wants to do – she obviously hadn’t strayed from her path, or her dream from when she was young.  Her reply was that she wanted to own her own assisted living facility.

Her dream has come true.  Our visit with Melinda was in her own place of business, which was indeed an assisted living facility that she and her husband had nurtured from dream to reality.

Melinda (and her husband) plans on opening another lager, 35-bed facility sometime in the future.

Melinda’s secret?  Don’t ever give up, and do **something** to keep your dream in motion every day.

As it has been said:  “An object in motion will stay in motion….” and  “An object that is at rest will stay at rest.”

Don’t give your dreams a chance to rest.

12 thoughts on “Dreams of Opening and Owning an Assisted Living Facility?

  1. Lisa Binversie

    This is a outstanding story and journey to passion in life. Thank you for sharing. I currently struggle over the last 20 years with my true passion for the elderly and the dream and desire I have to get involved with the same committment with the elderly enjoying quality of life in a comfortable enviornment. I do appreciate the phrase, ” an object in motion will stay in motion”. The steps to move forward are overwhelming and question your self how?

    Thank you again for this inspiratonal information.

    Lisa B.

  2. admin Post author

    Lisa – what a great comment! Thank you for sharing a little about you, and your feedback about the video. Best of luck in all of your endeavors!
    – David

  3. Ann Ricketts

    That inspiration video only goes to prove that hard work, dedication, passion and having faith in your dream will pay off once you keep your dream in motion. Opening up my own assistant living home as always been a dream of mine and watching that video as motivated me to persue my dream.I have placed my dream on hold, worked in various facilities from children to adult for many years, now my passion as exploded and I am ready to begin the process of opening up my own assistant living home, offering love, compassion,empathy and security.

  4. admin Post author

    Ann, thank you for your wonderful comments. It sounds like you have a lot of experience, so the next logical step would be to “go for it” and open your own home! I wish you nothing but success, fulfillment and happiness in your venture!

  5. admin Post author

    Hi Brenda, make sure to look at our “how to” page which is referenced in this blog post. Lots of great info, ideas and resources in there. Best of luck to you! – David

  6. Doreen Jones

    Hello My name is Doreen Jones, I am a registered nurse and I am interested in opening a assisted living. I have obtain the registration packet and registered my buisness name. I am now diligently working my way though the application process. I was wondering if there are funds out there that usually assist with housing a building while doing the licensing, inspection and zoning process. Or do you have any insite on how to fund a building while doing this process.

  7. admin Post author

    Doreen, thanks for your comment. I would also post your question on our “how to” page on our site. I am not sure I can answer your question, but maybe one of our site visitors can. Thanks, and best of luck with your facility!

  8. Sharon

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  9. Laurie

    Asa child I always prefered to spend time with my elders. Grandparents, elderly neighbors and the elderly in general. Since I graduated high school I have worked (34) years as a care giver and love this work. I do in home care and love helping to keep people in thier homes. I now live in a small community way out in no mans land. There is little to no care for the elderly here. I would love to open a home for those unable to live by themselves and share my home and love and caring with them. Still in the thinking process and planning. Thank you for your insight.

  10. David Post author

    Laurie, what a wonderful comment. You seem like you were made to be a caregiver and I hope that you will figure out a way to do it for the folks in your area. Thank you for commenting!

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