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About Assisted Living Directory & Mission
About Assisted Living Directory
Assisted Living Directory was founded in 2005 by . Many years ago, before Assisted Living Directory, David owned a website in a different niche that had a single page dedicated to assisted living for a single city/metro area. That page was the one of the most visited pages on that particular site. With much encouragement from his site visitors, friends and colleagues, David went on to create a national website for assisted living, which is now assisted-living-directory.com. The success of this site has far exceeded David’s initial expectations, and is now a widely respected information source for assisted living. David does not consider himself an ‘expert’ in the field of assisted living or senior care. However, he is an avid and enthusiastic researcher and writer, and enjoys seeking out trusted information and experts and caregivers to interview for the articles, video, and content found on Assisted Living Directory. David has developed a sincere passion and interest in the field of senior care, and has enjoyed establishing many professional relationships within the assisted living and senior care industry – many of whom have contributed their expertise, knowledge, words and wisdom to Assisted Living Directory. David strives to maintain a trusted information source for assisted living and senior care, with extremely high-quality content, directory listings, and contributions from experts all over the country with a passion for helping seniors, families, and caregivers. Our Mission: Assisted Living Directory strives to be the model of honesty and transparency in the assisted living and senior care industry by providing accurate and highly trustworthy facility information, caregiver support, and in-depth, original content, videos, and interviews. Did you know we have a YouTube Channel? We do assisted living videos, facility tours, caregiver interviews, and ‘fun and creative’ videos! Check out our Channel’s Trailer video that highlights all of the different types of videos that we do!