Learn About Low Income Senior Housing in Lebanon, PA

This blog post highlights where to get a very helpful, free list (in .pdf format) of the numerous low-income senior/family housing units in Lebanon County, PA.

Some of the very best sources of information for seniors seem to be tucked in the most obscure places.  I take it as part of our ‘job’ here at Assisted Living Directory to move this information “up front’ where our users can easily find it.

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One such great example of information that I think is extremely important, and should be showcased – is in regards to Low Income Senior Housing in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

I really happened on this site quite accidentally, but if you visit Lebanon County’s Area Agency on Aging, they have a number of excellent .pdf documents – free for the taking, that can be saved, printed or downloaded.

They offer a very comprehensive guide on the county’s Low-Income Senior Housing Units. Here’s a sample of the type of information  you’ll find.

Low Income Senior Housing example

Rents are often set at a percentage of total annual income, such as 30% of.   Or, other units may charge a flat-fee.   There may be individual income limits, or family limits as well.

Just scanning the list, I noticed that many of these units have a waiting list, so if you think it is something you’ll be considering, I would start making calls now.

The .pdf document also includes each property’s address, contact number, a website address, if available and also the property’s capacity.  Many of the properties are managed by Lebanon County Housing.

To get a copy of this very helpful document highlighting Lebanon County’s income-limited senior housing units please visit:


For additional information we encourage you to contact Lebanon’s Area Agency on Aging at:  (717) 273-9262

One thought on “Learn About Low Income Senior Housing in Lebanon, PA

  1. Julia Carlson

    My grandparents are looking into an apartment. They heard about a group of senior apartments from a friend, and they figured it would be a lot better than where they are living now. I wanted to make sure it is the best option for them so I’ve been researching it. So far it seems great.