Every Human Is A Walking Book

In this blog post, we introduce Sharon Larson of Living Letters Legacy. She  can help you or your loved one to create memoirs (optionally graphically illustrated), ethical wills, family & business histories, tributes, biographies, journals, & ghostwriting.

Living Letters Legacy Information

It’s really funny to me how connections are made.   I stumble upon someone’s website, or they email me with a question, and after several back and forths, you find out that there is a lot in common.

That’s how I “met” Sharon Larson, who lives in Westcliffe, Colorado (see our Colorado assisted living page for more).  I have been there a few times, and it is a gorgeous & inspiring part of the state – a perfect place for someone, like Sharon, with writing chops. Sharon, as it turns out, has made a career shift, and is available to help people, such as seniors, retirees, or assisted living residents to get their life’s story – lessons, joys, regrets, surprises, and all the rest, into a ‘memoir’ or story format, so it can be handed down the family line, to current and yet-to-be-born family members.

It’s such a neat “gift” and activity that I was really compelled to write about it for Sharon, and share it on our site.   I can imagine this being such a rewarding experience for those who may be prone to losing their memory, or who may otherwise have passed on before having their stories heard, and documented correctly and professionally. I encourage you to give her a look.  I’ve included her Living Letters Legacy site below.

About Sharon and Living Letters Legacy

Every human being is a walking book, but very few could afford tell their story UNTIL NOW!…there’s LIVING LETTERS LEGACY. Don’t leave your loved ones without your life stories heard and handed down! Don’t wait ‘till it’s too late and no one’s left who can relate your life’s lessons, loves, joys, regrets, surprises & more that meant the most!

Sharon Larson [photo]: Sharon Larson

Sharon is a lifelong storyteller with a BA in English (Theology minor) summa cum laude, also a former Montessori educator whose resume lists a multitude of professional language arts and editorial employments, office management, teaching, public speaking engagements (pulpit & stage) hospital (incl. children’s cancer unit) & assisted living visitations – even funeral homes (maternal uncle was a funeral home director & owner.)

The range of LLL’s services encompass: memoirs (optionally graphically illustrated), ethical wills, family & business histories, tributes, biographies, journals, & ghostwriting. Sharon can also present memoir workshops to groups. Read all about Sharon Murphy Larson’s personal history, professional services at reasonable prices ~ even a true personal miracle memoir, Amy’s Angel, and a pet memoir, Mocha’s Farewell Salutation, on the Writing Sample pg. of her website.

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