Statewide Interactive Map of Assisted Living Facilities Arizona

In this blog post, you’ll learn about a fantastic interactive map of all assisted living facilities and residential care homes in Arizona, provided through the State’s ADHS.

Sometimes, we uncover an absolute jewel of a research tool for assisted living, that for some inexplicable reason is buried, or hidden from view – whether that is with online search,  or through other directories providing information on assisted living.

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Most commercial sites, by the way, don’t like to link to good, external resources, as it drives traffic, and potential revenue away from their own site.

Assisted Living Directory is different.  We take pride and a sense of responsibility in directing our site users to these tools and databases.

For Arizona, there is an interactive map containing all of Arizona’s assisted living facilities and residential care homes.   We have never seen this before, which is unfortunate.  It’s such a great tool, offering a quick and thorough visual of what is available in terms of assisted living in your area, no matter where you are in Arizona.

The map looks like this:

Arizona assisted living map

You can zoom in or out and pan around the entire state.  It does look overwhelming at first, but when you zoom in, things spread out and you can see more clearly through all of the options.

If you hover over a star, it gives you a great snapshot of information about the facility, including the city, county, license number phone, and even latitude and longitude.   You can click the “Zoom To” option to go right to the facility on the map.

It looks like this:

zoom view of Arizona assisted living map


This tool and map is a great way to easily find facilities or care homes in Arizona’s vast rural areas, or smaller towns.

To access the map, simply go here:

2 thoughts on “Statewide Interactive Map of Assisted Living Facilities Arizona

  1. David Post author

    Joseph, I don’t think I have ever seen a map for California – would be useful to have. AZ has a good one for sure.