How To Report Abuse or Assisted Living Complaints in Alabama

This blog post will highlight how any individual, whether a senior, caregiver, family member, or even staff person at a long-term care facility such as assisted living – can report elder abuse in the State of Alabama.

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Many states now have a way to file reports of suspected elder abuse online, and usually anonymously.  Unfortunately, Alabama is not quite there with being able to perform this reporting online.

However, it can still be done through the AlabamaAgeLine website, which is the “Official Site of the Alabama Department of Senior Services.”

The section specifically for Elder Abuse is not obvious from the homepage, so I’ll take you right to it:

Alabama Elder Abuse - who to call

Here, you’ll see a short section that recommends that people call their local Area Agency on Aging, or Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 1-800-AGE-LINE (1-800-243-5463) – to report abuse.

However, there’s a little more detail if you visit the link on the page that goes to the Elder Abuse Program:

Here, they are a bit more specific on who to call.  There is an actual Elder Abuse Hotline, where reports can be made – and done so anonymously.  The number is 800-458-7214

There are a few more numbers as well:

Alabama Department of Public Health

To report abuse in nursing home call 800-356-9596

To report abuse in an assisted living facility call 800-873-0366

Seniors are often times afraid of reporting abuse.  It could be due to fear of some sort of retaliation, or perhaps worries about not being believed, or they simply aren’t mentally capable of doing so, due to conditions like dementia.

It is so, so important if you suspect abuse in any form – physical, mental, or even through scams or fraud, to contact the appropriate authorities that I have listed on this page.

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  1. Nilda M. Walker

    Certainly, this is indeed helpful! I stumbled here because of numerous news reports tackling about elder abuse in long term care facilities. I am hoping that these hotlines will resolve unwarranted incidents in Alabama. Thanks for updating your site with this comprehensive information in filing complaints.

    Nilda M. Walker
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