Question About Untrained Assisted Living Facility Workers

Here is sort of an angry message/question we received today from someone, apparently an employee at an assisted living facility who is obviously untrained for what he or she is expected to do at the facility.
Here’s the message:

“How do i get an investigator to my assisted living facility in Plymouth Mi? we do ALL medical things untrained and i’m really getting sick of it. 1.We empty catheters 2. We handle Peg Tubes 3. We are handling Hoyer Lifets UNTRAINED for more than one of our residents. 4. We deal with people biting us so hard they draw blood. 5. We have people in our facility that cannot communicate and needs to be in a nursing home. As you can see i am very irritated and very upset and want action taken immediately. “

I would recommend contacting the local health department first. If they couldn’t help directly, I am sure they would know who would be able to look into it.

4 thoughts on “Question About Untrained Assisted Living Facility Workers

  1. Travis

    This is a very common question. I could walk into an AL facility just about anywhere in the U.S. and this question will come up in some sort of level. (I used to work for over five years as a regional team member of a large AL company nationwide). The common denominator in just about every AL community is lack of training and staff often complain that although they may have gotten training, it was minimal and often does not build upon what they already know.

    And if that’s not all, ask the management in the building. Many wellness directors (nurses) often say they had not received any training at all regarding the policy and procedure of the community.

  2. admin Post author

    Travis, great feedback – it’s wonderful to get comments from people like you who have been in the industry..

  3. sandy

    Many untrained caregivers are out there working at a facility that are assisting elders, if we will have this problem why can’t we talk to the director of the facility about the problem or ask to the more knowledgeable nurses/caregivers out there that are available on how to handle those kind of patients.

  4. Assisted Living for Elderly

    Assisted Living Workers must always be a trained one.They need to take care of elder people ,therefore they must at least have a full knowledge of the immediate First-aid facilities so that in case of emergency they can handle things immediately and easily.