Cannot contribute fully to society anymore?

Another interesting message came through our site today – directed at a specific facility on our site. Apparently, the facility in question describes the elderly as those who “cannot contribute fully to society anymore.”

The person who wrote the message goes on to say “[this statement] discloses what you really think about the elderly. If I were you, I would revise my advertisement. Shame on you.”

We have to agree whole-heartedly that this is an awful statement. Anyone, we believe, who has a pulse can contribute to society – actively or passively. If someone, elderly or not, is too sick, frail or fragile to leave their bed, they still contribute by simply being an example of the human condition, and most likely still serves as a family member, friend, or spouse – offering reminders of love, memories and inspiration to those who were fortunate enough to spend time with him or her.

Shame on the facility for sure, and kudos to our site visitor for calling them out.

One thought on “Cannot contribute fully to society anymore?

  1. Elderly Assisted Living

    People upon getting old are really difficult to manage.An old person and kids are exactly the same ,you have to take extra care for them.You must be patient and a good listener so that even they don’t mind being cared and don’t feel that they are a burden upon their kids.