Looking for Temporary Assisted Living Programs for Recuperation

Another great email question that came through on our site – asking about temporary assisted living programs for a mother who is recuperating from surgery. I like to post these – especially for those people wanting to get into assisted living, or perhaps start their own facility – these are the types of good, yet complicated questions you are likely to receive!

The question was:

My mother recently fell and broke her ankle requiring surgery. Her period of recuperation from the surgery will be 3 months (surgery occurred on 10-5-10) and during that time she can not put any weight on the injured ankle, which is in a cast. she is currently in St. Lawrence Rehab and their staff has indicated she will need constant supervision and assistance during her convalescence. She lives in Trenton, however we live in Bordentown and we wanted to know if your facility offers temporary assisted living programs that would meet her needs. She is 84 years of age and aside from the injury is in general good health. We are not sure when she will be leaving St. Lawrence Rehab, however we estimate it will be within the next 7-10 days. Thank you very much for any information you can provide. I will try to reach out to you tomorrow by telephone.

One thought on “Looking for Temporary Assisted Living Programs for Recuperation

  1. Judy Max

    Is there a facility where I can bring my mom to while I have some vacation time to myself? She is 90 years old and is just starting to be somewhat forgetfull. She walks with a walker and is capable of doing most things for herself. She has been living with me 6 years. I would like to take a vacation and I know mom doesn’t want to go.