Pennsylvania’s Aging & Medicaid Waivers

In this post, I will highlight Pennsylvania’s Aging Waiver Program, as well as how to find out more about the state’s various Medicaid Waiver programs.

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Update 6.2014: We’ve added a more comprehensive page to our site for Pennsylvania’s Aging & Medicaid Waiver programs.

My mother-in-law, and my wife are from Pennsylvania (just outside of Pittsburgh).  She lived to be 81, and up until almost the very end, ‘mom’ was vibrant, energetic and seemingly in great health.

Within a short time, she became ill – to the point of not being able to manage herself, or her home.   My wife and I live well over 1000 miles away, so we were scrambling to try to find support  and care.  We needed time to figure out what was going on, and what type of facility she needed.

We wish we weren’t so pressed to make decisions, and I wish we had known in advance about some of the State of Pennsylvania’s offering to help seniors who need it.   This would have been a potentially viable ‘bridge’ to keep her at home, at least temporarily, while we did facility research.

PA’s Aging Waiver Program

Pennsylvania's Aging Wavier program

We might have looked into this program, which essentially “Provides older Pennsylvanians the help they need to live independently in their own homes and communities.”

Many of the services they provide would have been tremendously helpful – like transportation to and from appointments, home services, companion services (she became pretty isolated during this time) – and others.

There are some requirements that need to be met, but you can contact your Local Area Agency on Aging for where you live in PA to find our more.

Additionally, the State of Pennsylvania has it’s own array of “Medicaid Waivers” and programs that might also help. :

These, although accessible to some, may be harder to do, since there are  usually more strict eligibility requirements, often times a long waiting list, and financial eligibility requirements.

Pennsylvania offers a number of Support Services Waivers, which is basically short for “Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Program.”  Included in these is the “LIFE” or Living Independence for the Elderly waiver program, which may be something for you to look into.   There is a Long Term Living “Helpline” that you can call to inquire about the program, eligibility, to find a provider in your area, and more! Long-Term Living Helpline: 1-800-753-8827.

Here’s the page for the “LIFE” program:


I hope this post provides direction enough to help you to research the Waiver and support programs available in Pennsylvania!

– David

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania’s Aging & Medicaid Waivers

  1. Catherine

    Really appreciate that you provide this information. My dad needed a lot of assistance… We are from Erie… And we had no idea where to look. This would have helped. Thanks David

  2. David Post author

    Thanks so much Catherine. So often state help and resources are not promoted heavily or as visible online, so I try to get this information in front of my site’s visitors. Thanks again!