Our Top Advice and Tips for Opening An Assisted Living Home

Our Newest Video Tutorial on Opening An Assisted Living Home – our Top Tips.

Without a doubt, the most popular page on our site is our “How To Open an Assisted Living Facility” page.   We’ve had hundreds of people comment, ask questions, and offer advice on our page, and we are proud to have created such a helpful piece of information!

We can understand why it’s so popular, since so many baby-boomers are retiring, and many of them will be needing seniors care.  Naturally, there will need to be more and more people taking care of them, and opening facilities.  What a great market and industry to be in!

Over the 7 or so years we have been doing Assisted Living Directory – interviewing facility owners, visiting facilities, and managing and responding to the many questions and comments that come through our site, we’ve put together our top 3 tips and pieces of advice for anyone wishing to open and own their own assisted living facility, home, or residence – in this short, video presentation.  We hope our tips are helpful, and inspire you to work towards your dreams of becoming a professional caregiver!   We welcome any comments, questions and suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Our Top Advice and Tips for Opening An Assisted Living Home

  1. Genia

    I been a care giver for 19 years I worked in hospitals, nursing homes, Alf private homes ,adult day cares.. I been self empoyed for two years now as a care giver full time. I’m a caregiver in every sence of the word I truly Love what I do. opening up a small Alf has always been my dream.. Its time to make my dream come true

  2. David Post author

    Thank you Genia, wow – hopefully we’ve inspired you to take that step. A lot of people in your position have made the jump to owning their own assisted living home!