Building Trust with Video

I was asked this week:  “I enjoy your videos and you seem to enjoy producing them for your site.  Aside from the obvious, why do you think videos are so important, and why don’t more sites do them?”

My answer is, firstly great question, and I am glad you enjoy our videos.   The reason I like to do them, aside from the enjoyment I get from doing them, and from researching things to teach our users about – I think that videos are an excellent way to build trust with a website’s visitors and audience.   A video allows me to put a voice, personality, and a face behind what people see on Assisted Living Directory – especially when there are so many ‘anonymous’ sites out there that don’t give any hint of who is behind the information.  It also gives me an excuse to visit facilities, and to meet facility owners.

Sites that I come across where the site owner, or authors discuss topics, and area of interest through podcasts or videos give me the impression that these folks are truly invested, and interested in what they do.   I trust those sites more, and tend to go back to them more often – even if I don’t watch every video, I know that there is someone doing it, who really is passionate about their niche, subject matter, or industry.

I am finding that there is so much that people don’t know about when it comes to researching seniors care, and that most people are generally ‘thrown to the wolves’ when they need to find a place, so any way that I can educate users on trustworthy information, sites, or services, I will do so, and try to put a personal spin, touch, face, and voice behind it through video.

You can find many of the videos we have done through our Youtube Channel and a secondary Youtube Channel we have recently created!

We plan on continuing to produce about a video a week!  We hope they are helpful, and that each video is a little better than the previous one.  We’re always learning new things!


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