Our Site’s Difference

I’ve been there, searching for assisted living for my own family member, only to find disappointment that so many senior sites are essentially the same thing – offering ‘some’ information, but then to tell you that you have to send them your personal information to get ‘the rest’ of the information. From there, who knows what will happen with your personal details.

Truth is, most senior sites do the same thing – they buy an often-times outdated database of facilities, and use stock photos, and omit the most important information that you can only get by filling out a ‘lead form.’

Assisted Living Directory has been in service for 10+ years, and it is our true desire and goal to be a shining star in this industry, to earn our users trust, and to be a site that they can refer back to comfortably and confidently.

A few things that make us different:

1) We allow facilities to be contacted directly, and safely. This is unlike so many other senior sites out there that funnel people into a ‘referral form’ of some sort to simply see something basic like a phone number. We don’t do that

2) You may notice that our site really and truly has a legion of caregivers, experts, and experienced experts in the assisted living industry contributing to our site frequently (take a peek at our homepage). They do it because they believe in our site, and see the value in the information we offer to families researching care. We are grateful for all of the support we’ve had over the years.

3) We are ‘transparent’ about who we are, and who is behind our site. Here’s a challenge for you – when you visit another senior care website, try to figure out specifically who is behind it. Most often, it’s impossible to find a name, a person, an ‘editor’ or a photo of the person/people behind most other sites.

4) We offer help, if you need it. We don’t force you to call us, or fill out a form if you don’t want to. Additionally, the companies that we work with to provide consulting to our users are all tried and true – we’ve worked each and every one of them for at least 5 years, and we can vouch for the additional services we provide through our site. We’ve used them ourselves, and you can read about our personal experience here.

5) We will link to other good resources, and we will highlight the best ways to research care on our site, whether it is through our video tutorials, linking to and highlighting trusted state and local resources, and we will also link to specific facilities if they have a website.

6) We spend time connecting with, interviewing, and building relationships with many of the facility owners that appear on our site, to learn more about them, and to share their personal stories with our site visitors.

A lot of things make our site different – we’ve been in the industry longer than most sites, and we work to make it simple, straightforward, trustworthy, and above all, helpful.

We stand for all of those frustrated seniors, families and caregivers to offer a site that will truly help them to identify the absolute best care possible.

We hope that you’ll share our site with others who are looking for assisted living, or senior care, and we are truly thankful and grateful for every single person who visits our site.

I wish everyone safe and successful research!

13 thoughts on “Our Site’s Difference

  1. Arleen

    I am looking for a friend who has terminal cancer and needs
    to find some place where she can have assistance during her
    final stages of dealing with this horrible disease. Her only income is social security which obviously is not enough for any “for Profit” facility. She has no family she can turn to. So she called me. She’s in Oakland County, MI. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ross

    You should focus your search on hospice care, which is for terminally ill patients. It sounds like your friend would qualify for financial assistance from Medicaid. Here is a list of Hospices in Oakland County, Michigan:


  3. Ross

    The Methodist Home of the District of Columbia changed its name in 2014 to Forest Hills of DC. See http://www.foresthillsdc.org

  4. Dyan Cocca

    My sister and I are looking for a studio for my Mom for January. We wanted to get prices and move in costs. We talked to another facility and they said my Mom would be independent living.
    Please get back to me.
    Thank you
    Dyan Cocca

  5. Aletha Ellison

    I am looking for assisted living but only get my social security. I do work from home to supplement my income. I have Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, I use oxygen. I also have severe arthritis. I live in an apartment house with no elevator and I live on second floor. I cannot go up and down the stairs any longer. I do not qualify for any help from Medicaid. I now must use a wheelchair. I am in NYC. Can you suggest something affordable.

  6. David Post author

    Unfortunately, I don’t – since we’re only a US based site…thanks though for reaching out!

  7. Greg

    I am trying to find violations at assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. The link presented in your video (David Besnette) for Department of Public Welfare – www.dpw.state.pa.us/searchforprovider/pchdirectory/Index.htm does not work. The link for www.assisted-living-directory.com leads me into a site which I cannot navigate and I have not been able to find the violations about the places I am most interested in: Sunrise Senior Living of Abington; Sunrise Senior living of Haverford; and The Devon Senior Living. I am looking for myself. I am a 62 y.o. single male heart transplant recipient with MCI, frontal-temporal degenerative disease, and vascular dementia. I have no family nearby and will need a residential Alzheimer’s/dementia facility. Can you help me find information on violations. I cannot locate the links. Thanks.

  8. David Post author

    Hi Greg, looks like they changed their site and link. Try this: http://www.dhs.pa.gov/citizens/searchforprovider/pchdirectory/index.htm#.VwLhvD8cYyM

  9. Kim

    My uncle is 64 and suffering from lung cancer and needs a facility where he can have freedom but also taken care of. He is mobile and on disability.. east side of Cincinnati.