Maintaining A Positive Attitude as a Caregiver

This post includes a video ‘mini-interview’ with our contributor, and caregiver extraordinaire Trish, on how to maintain a positive attitude as a caregiver.

I honestly don’t know how some people do it.  They manage to get so much done, balancing work, sometimes kids, maintaining the home, achieving personal goals, and staying somewhat sane – all the while, being a full-time caregiver for a family member.

Keeping a Positive Attitude as a Caregiver

I am not a full-time caregiver, and achieving half of the above list on a regular basis for me is a true challenge, so I bow down in full respect for our nation’s millions of active, unpaid caregivers.

One such “Superwoman” full-time caregiver I know of, Trish Hughes-Kreis,  is a contributor for our site, Assisted Living Directory, and she participated recently in our ‘Ask the Expert’ video series.

I wanted to ask her a question that I truly wanted her thoughts on.   The question was:

“How Do You Maintain A Positive Attitude as a Caregiver?”

She offers her answer to this question, and her really great tips on how to keep a positive attitude in the following video mini-interview:

I was interested in her perspective on this, since Trish really and truly walks the walk.  She is a super-producer, always seems to have a positive demeanor, and smile on her face.

She’s a full-time caregiver for her brother Robert who has some serious disabilities.

One of my favorite tips that she talks about is allowing yourself a ‘do-over’ if your attitude and mood start to get the best of you.

For her, this usually happens in the morning, but it can really happen at any point during the day.

Things happen when you’re a caregiver that can throw your whole day, schedule, and goals way off track. These can be trips to the ER, an unexpected seizure or fall, or dealing with a cranky or difficult caree.

Stopping, and declaring a ‘do-over’ is a great way to mentally reset, and to acknowledge that things aren’t going to be perfect, but a fresh start is always available to you.

I highly recommend giving Trish’s video a look.  She’s passionate about caregiving, extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and her positive energy and demeanor can be easily sensed as you watch, and listen to her, so you can maintain a positive attitude as a caregiver!

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2 thoughts on “Maintaining A Positive Attitude as a Caregiver

  1. Laurie

    Some days as a caregiver can be challenging, but you can’t be hard of yourself if you get frustrated sometimes. Good advice on the do-over. Thank you for sharing!