Very interesting message from a son looking for assisted living for his dad

Here is another very interesting message we received from a son looking for assisted living for his father. Something I have never heard of is his explanation of ammonia affecting his father’s brain adversely when he forgets to take his meds for liver damage – making him psychotic, etc. Another great example for all of your folks commenting in our “how to open a facility” section on the types of questions and issues you’ll likely face running an assisted living facility.

His question was:

“I’m now looking at the likely probability of having to move my father to Southern California. Lately he’s been forgetful about his medicine for liver damage which in turn has resulted in high levels of ammonia in his brain that causes him to be psychotic, not trusting, accusative and the list goes on.

I need to put him somewhere where he can be safe from himself, gets his medications when needed and probably other criteria that I haven’t a clue about. One thing for sure is that he’d probably need to be in a secure environment… he isn’t trusting and I’m afraid he’d up and walk out the door either knowingly or during one of his delusions.

I’m lost, I have no clue where to turn and what to do. Is this a right place for him possibly?” – John