Learn Which Facilities in New York Have No Violations

As I was on my run today, I was thinking about what I want people to take away from our website.  Naturally, I want our users to find information about assisted living facilities in New York.   That’s one of the main reasons I imagine people come to our site.

But, what I also wish for our users to take away, is to be more equipped to ask good, meaningful questions based on facts, not glossy brochures, about the facility.

Questions like:

“Your facility has had numerous violations for having unsafe food prep areas, and flawed admission standards.  Why is that and what has your facility and management done to correct these issues.”

Or, “Your facility has had no violations or complaints.  Congratulations!  What have you done to achieve this?”

Fortunately, for adult care facilities in New York State, there is a really great section on the state’s Department of Health website offering Adult Home (Assisted Living) Quarterly Survey Reports here:   http://www.health.ny.gov/facilities/adult_care/reports.htm

New York Facility Violations

This site, and section shows you how many facilities were inspected for each period, how many have had violations, and a breakdown of the findings sorted by county.  A quick scan or search of the page will tell you if the facility you are considering had an inspection during that timeframe, and what the results were.

The findings and information from the survey reports page should serve as a source for ideas regarding questions to ask facilities about how they are managed and operated.

3 thoughts on “Learn Which Facilities in New York Have No Violations

  1. Mari

    hello Wow.. Great website! I am currently looking to move my Dad from one AL to another AL for a number of reasons. I checked out the Dept of Health website and did find that the AL I am interested in had some violations but now there are none. I got a tour, talked to couple of residents and so far so good. First, I was told they had two semi-rooms available but now they said the have a waiting list and require a $500 deposit. Really? A deposit? What do you think?

  2. David Post author

    Thanks so much for your comments, and kind words Mari! A deposit…yes, that’s pretty common. Ask them if it’s refundable, or if there is something in writing that explains it, and what happens. Will it be applied toward your rent if you move in, etc?

  3. Mari

    Thank you very much. I hope to explore your site further to learn and possibly share my experiences as well. Peace.