Is It Possible To Look Up Facility Complaints in California?

One reason that we’re lucky to live in such a tech-friendly age is that so much great information can be found with just a few short keystrokes.   For those researching assisted living, many state’s offer excellent, unbiased information about each licensed facility, often-times including facility inspections reports, citations and violations.   Many states offer this information and data to the public through easy-to-use online webpages or tools.

Evaluations for California Facilities

Unfortunately, though, the State of California is slow to jump on this easy-access bandwagon, and although there are several facility search tools provided through the state, they do not, as of this time, include facility inspections, evaluations or complaints.

However, this does not mean that it isn’t available.  You simply have to go through a different, yet still fairly easy process to get your hands on it.

I’ve done a quick video tutorial, using Los Angeles as my example, but it works really for any city or area in California.

Essentially, you have to your local Senior Care Program Office using this .pdf page: and then specifically request evaluations and complaints information for facilities you are interested in directly.  Your office should be able to supply it to you either electronically or in paper-format.

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