Learn New Mexico Facility Surveys & Inspections

I always take great joy in finding incredibly helpful sites and resources to share with my site’s visitors.

If you are just beginning your assisted living research, you probably don’t have the first idea of where to look for information you can trust, and actually use to make good decisions.

Of course, most assisted living facilities will do their best (with their own marketing materials) to put their best foot forward, but they aren’t likely to share any state inspections or surveys results.

Thankfully, for New Mexico, the general public can look up this essential information easily, and freely. It took a little digging to find this tool, but we did.

Here’s a screenshot of what the tool/search looks like, from the New Mexico Department of Health site:

New Mexico Facility Surveys and Inspections


And, here is what a sample report might look like for a facility:

Sample facility report

This site and search tool can be accessed here:


The great thing about these reports, is that they list any deficiencies found, plans of correction, dates that the surveys or inspections took place, any health and safety issues – all of which offer outstanding facts for you to come up with constructive questions to ask facility owners or administrators.

One thought on “Learn New Mexico Facility Surveys & Inspections

  1. Jeanette

    Surveys are such important information… Unfortunately so many sites don’t feature this information or direct their users on where to find it. Thank you for providing it.