State-Sponsored New Mexico Senior Care Database

One of the ‘drums I beat” frequently on my site is learning what is a trustworthy place to gather information and to do research.

I believe that there are many senior care sites out there that do not have your best interests at heart. You’ve probably seen them, acting like a directory of services, but really, they attempt, at every turn, to funnel you into sending your personal information in, only to often times be redistributed (without your knowing) to a third party, or to the highest bidder.

I’ve always tried to make our site, Assisted Living Directory, different. One of the ways I do so is by featuring and highlighting other excellent, honest and trustworthy sites for research and information. These usually come through state-sponsored and managed agencies and sites, and often times, they are excellent and comprehensive.

For New Mexico, I recommend to our users to become familiar with the offerings on the New Mexico Aging & Long Term-Services Department. Here, you will find excellent information and support on Caregiving, Long-Term Care, Aging issues, and more.

A Screen-Shot from the Dept. of Aging’s Senior Care Search Tool & Database:

New Mexico Senior Care Database

Specifically, I’d like to steer you to their Resource Directory, which links to another state website offering a good search tool allowing users to find organizations statewide, including:

Adult Day Care
Aging Associations
Alzheimer’s information and Support
Assisted Living Services
Caregiver Services
In-Home Assistance

and so much more

Visit the Department of Aging, and the Resource Directory here:

Users may search New Mexico, as well as the specific locations, such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces or Santa Fe (or any of the smaller, more rural areas of New Mexico).

This site, and this resource directory can serve as a great starting point to research care, or to get support. The Department of Aging and Long Term Services department is also a place you can trust to ask a question about caregiving, assisted living, or long-term care issues.