Learn Inspections & Complaints for Idaho Assisted Living Facilities

This post will highlight how you can quickly look up assisted living facility complaints, inspections, licensure, and health/safety code violations for every facility in Idaho in an easy-to-read, format like this:

Idaho Assisted Living Inspections and Surveys

In the 10 years that I’ve been writing for, and working on our site, Assisted Living Directory, I’ve seen many states slowly come around to offering the public an easy, online way to look up assisted living facility inspections reports, surveys, health and safety code violations and complaints.

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Idaho is one such state that’s made great progress.   Through the State’s Department of Health and Welfare website, you have quick access complete facility lists statewide (at the time of this writing, there are 286 assisted living facilities in Idaho), as well as inspections, complaints and survey information for each facility.

To look at this information, you’ll need to visit the Health and Welfare ‘Assisted Living / Residential Care’ consumers page here:


Down just a little ways, you’ll see the Consumer Information section with a handful of sections/links that you can go to.

The first is an excellent list of facilities statewide, which you can use to identify Alzheimer’s or Dementia facilities, or those geared for the elderly, or even for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

This list comes in a handy, save-able, and printable .pdf format and looks like this:

Idaho facility list example


Just below is the section/link taking you to the facility surveys, complaints and inspections reports.


This list, again, is alphabetical, and under each facility name you’ll see a list of inspections, or complaints, by date.

Selecting an incident or report brings you to a detail page, which discusses in detail the report, what occurred, any violations that were found, and a plan of correction.

A report will look something like this, and can be saved and printed:

Complaint Example for Idaho



2 thoughts on “Learn Inspections & Complaints for Idaho Assisted Living Facilities

  1. Chase Wilson

    Oh wow, I didn’t know this even existed. Good to know! I think it’s good to have a back story for each of those complaints though, sometimes something big could be more innocent in real life. I am interested in putting my grandfather into assisted living, so this will be nice to look past the reviews online and find out what is actually happening!

  2. David Post author

    Chase, so true, the reports don’t tell the whole story, and sometimes the facility owners or management aren’t at fault or there is something more to the story. I am always more interested in how the facility responds to and corrects situations and incidents, since, given enough time, all homes will have ‘dings’ on their records from time to time. It’s inevitable.