Learn About The Arkansas Assisted Living Waiver

As we’ve had our site for the past 9 or so years, the one topic that seems to gather quite a bit of interest on our site is in regards to Assisted Living Waivers.

Almost every state has a form of an assisted living, or Elderly waiver, and without researching it much, many people get the impression that a waiver will be available to them through the state, to help (or completely cover) the costs of assisted living.

Arkansas Waiver Program

For some people, it will, for others, they’ll be in for a disappointment.  There are usually some pretty set-in-stone eligibility and resource/financial requirements that must be met to be considered for a state’s waiver.

Additionally, there is often a waiting list, or a set amount of slots that can be provided statewide.

So, Arkansas does have it’s version of an Assisted Living Waiver, which is called Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver.  

The Arkansas Assisted Living Waiver does have age limitations and boundaries.  You must be 65 or over, or 21 and over with certain disabilities.  Financially, you must (at this time) not have more than $2000 monthly for your ‘resource limit’ for an individual.  It’s $3000 for a couple.   Additionally, the applicant must “Have medical needs that would require institutional care in a nursing facility at the Intermediate Level, if there were no waiver services.”

The details of the waiver program, eligibility requirements, and contact numbers you can call to get help and ask questions may all be found on the State’s Division of Aging and Adult Services site here:


Here is a sample of what you’ll find on the Division of Aging’s site:

Arkansas Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver information


For questions about the program call the Division of Aging: Phone: 501-682-2441

So, what happens if you are denied, and still need help or assistance?   There are other ways to get services, like in-home care, transportation, meal delivery and errand services through state and federally funded sources/programs, often times through your Local Area Agency on Aging.  Every city, county and rural area of Arkansas, and the US is covered by one, and it’s worth finding yours, and asking questions if you are confused, or need help on any elder or senior care issues.

Learn more, and how to identify your specific Area Agency on Aging here: