How To Look Up California Assisted Living Inspections

This day has been a long time coming, and I am really thrilled that it is here.  California has been woefully behind most of the rest of the country when it comes to “transparency” with public records for assisted living facilities, and Residential Care for the Elderly – specifically inspections, citations, and complaints reports.

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I believe that this information is essential for any serious research effort for senior care – regardless of category or level of care.

Most other states offer this data freely, but for some reason, California has dragged it’s feet.  But now, it is among the best states for providing this essential data!

Here’s how to do it:

I discovered this because the normal (but very basic) facility search tool offered by the State wasn’t working any more.  This tool only offered very basic information on each facility.  So, I went looking for the correct link, and found the search tool:

It’s awesome, and thorough, and aside from the inspections reports, it is a great stand-alone research tool.

What this should help you to do is to come up with very fact-based, and constructive questions to ask facilities that you are considering.  They should be able to explain their deficiencies or citations, and tell you what they’ve done to resolve them.

This has been very exciting for us to discover.  I think that, if facility owners know that their records are publicly available, that they have even more of an incentive to run a tight ship!

Easy, intuitive tabs to navigate facility inspections!

California inspections for assisted living

Wishing everyone a safe and successful research experience, and I hope this helps!

– David


6 thoughts on “How To Look Up California Assisted Living Inspections

  1. Janice C.

    I wonder if the state not providing this information has anything to do with all of California’s budget woes in the past decade. Nice to see that it is finally accessible to the public.

  2. David Post author

    Who knows, but it’s nice that this information is now available. It’s actually one of the better ones out there, in my opinion!

  3. Doris Hurtado

    Thank you this is very helpful; it will save lives.
    It should be published, and make it more accessible to the public.
    People usually go to the facilities’ website and many of them all full of deceits.

  4. David Post author

    So glad that California is now on-board for this now, offering this information easily to the public. Thanks for your comment!

  5. jacob williams

    Excellent ideas – I was enlightened by the info , Does someone know if my assistant can grab a blank CA SAWS 2 PLUS copy to fill in ?