California Facility Quality Ratings – How To Look Up

One of the things I have learned over the years is that most people are ‘thrust’ into looking for care (either for themselves, or a loved one) very quickly, and they may not know exactly what excellent and helpful resources are available to them to help sort through all of the information out there (some trustworthy, some not-so-much).   Finding assisted living is a pretty serious matter, and we want to make sure that you know about some of the best places out there to get solid, unbiased information.

This week, we want to show you how to look up quality ratings for the State of California.  We did a little video tutorial on it, since there is quite a lot to cover.    Our video tutorial showcases the wonderful website and database (this site is a service of the California HealthCare Foundation).   On this site, you can find out facility ratings (including Government ratings), ownership information, how long a facility has been in service and much more.  In addition, we discuss how to find out what different types of care options are available in California (we have found that many families simply don’t know which type of care they need), and what forms/types of payment each category of care accepts (private pay, assisted living waiver, or other forms).

We think that this information is invaluable for any facility in California that you might be considering.  This video tutorial covers nursing, residential care homes, adult day care, assisted living and hospice choices, and looking up quality ratings for Facilities in California for each category.

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4 thoughts on “California Facility Quality Ratings – How To Look Up

  1. Richard Loney

    Legal services for seniors and protection of finances for seniors living in the Escondido area.Could you give any help in this area?thank You.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Richard, I am sorry but that is unfortunately not my ‘area’ – but I might suggest looking up your local Area Agency on Aging – they are often times a great resource or place to ask questions like yours. Your agency on aging would be:

  3. Fred Kuhl

    My wife and I would very much appreciate it you could tell us the state of California rating for Silverado homes for dementia. She is in need of a home.

    Regards, Fred and Mary KUHL

  4. David Post author

    Fred, what city, cities are you looking in? I’ll do my best, some counties are easier than others to find that info…David