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Hi everyone, this is David with Assisted Living Directory, I am the owner and founder for our site.  I’ve put this page together as a place to contact expert, qualified and experienced senior care consultants who help with unique or complex needs for New Jersey residents.  I have used this service personally for one of my family members who had a really complex situation, and I am so glad I did (you can contact these great folks below. They’ve been doing this for many years, and are highly qualified…and free!).

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Unique and Specialized help NJ

One of the things that I have learned over the years is that many families have pretty complicated and unique situations when it comes to finding appropriate assisted living care for a loved on.

Mother In Law had a unique and complex situation

I had the same experience this year with a family member of mine.  She was 81 years old, and out of nowhere, her health went downhill to the point where she needed a feeding tube, and specialized care, ideally assisted living.   My wife and I were out of state, and her situation really made it complicated and difficult.  Many facilities won’t accept someone on a tube, and we were running out of time to get her out of her house and into a care home.

My situation is not unique.  Many families are dealing with complex issues like Alzheimer’s, or perhaps a combative or difficult parent, or possibly financial issues, or difficulty paying for assisted living.

My solution was to get help.  Expert help, so I ended up working with a great group of senior care consultants who have been in this industry for a long time, and whose sole purpose is to help families like mine, and yours – absolutely free.   It saved me so much time, aggravation and confusion, and they were able to identify facilities that were a match for my family member, and answered all of my complex questions about her situation.

If you are a New Jersey resident, and you are looking for any type of senior care for someone you care about: assisted living; Alzheimer’s Care or other memory care; independent living, or you just aren’t sure…and especially if you have a complicated or unique situation – I really recommend getting help from experts who know senior care in New Jersey.   There is no cost at all to do so.

 Take Advantage of Real, Qualified Experts – There’s Never A Cost!

• We will help New Jersey seniors and families through tough or complex care situations
• We have already worked with many of the care facilities throughout New Jersey, and have a per-established relationship with them
• We may have access to discounts the public does not
• We will research laws, regulations and facility guidelines for you

Assisted Living Directory’s editor and founder is proud to have worked with this great group of people for his search for care for a family member!

4 thoughts on “Assisted Living Help For Unique & Specialized Needs NJ

  1. Kathryn Crosta

    Mom alzheimers need help too much noney to qualify for medicaid; not enough to afford the going prices for residential care……

  2. David Post author

    I have people in NJ that can offer you assistance, and I have their phone numbers on my NJ page.

  3. Lorraine

    Do you know if the Christie administration has yet to vet a change in the law that would allow Nurses to delegate tasks like feeding tube administration to trained aides? I am a Bergen County resident with a 90 year Mom on a G-tube. Mom is in a skilled nursing facility (see: Nursing home) surrounded by people with advanced dementia and Alzheimers. Mom is fully conversant, reads novels, plays scrabble, does word search puzzles and arts and crafts and her quality of life consists of being warehoused in a “day room” all day with no one to talk to until I get there each evening. I’m trying to determine if there are senior residential facilities with people who still have their wits about them, that will accept someone with a tube. I found a lovely place in Paramus, but they advise that they cannot take Mom unless she can administer her own feeding, which at 90, is not realistic.

    Can you help”

  4. David Post author

    That is such a great question, that I have to embarrassingly say I have no idea. I am not from Jersey, and haven’t kept up with Christie’s administration. Hopefully someone might chime in and comment who knows the answer. Anyone?