Surveys, Complaints & Inspections for Delaware Facilities

For more information and facility listings, please visit our Delaware Assisted Living Facilities Directory.

Assisted Living Directory, in keeping with our mission to highlight the most useful and trustworthy ways to research senior care, offers a quick video tutorial on how to look up senior care facility survey & complaints reports.

“The Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection (for Delaware) issues a survey report after each annual/recertification survey and each complaint investigation survey.”

There are two sections at this time.  One is for Nursing Homes and Intermdiate Care Facilities, and the other is for Assisted Living Facilities throughout Delaware.

At this time, however, the Assisted Living Facilities section is yet to be completed, so we hope that it is available soon.  The Nursing Homes section is comprehensive and includes numerous categories of senior care facilities.  Under each facility’s information is an “Annual” link, which will take you to that facility’s annual report.

We consider the inspections, surveys and complaints information as essential information to have for any long-term care facility that you are seriously considering, and fortunately, the State of Delaware provides this information to anyone who wishes to view it – as long as you know where to look!

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