Assisted Living For Nudists?

The days of the old stereotype of assisted living and nursing homes seems to be coming to a close. With the “hip” baby boomers of the 60’s reaching retirement age, I think we are on the verge of seeing many new flavors and varieties of assisted living – some that almost call up images of a party-like atmosphere. I have written a bit about assisted living for alternative lifestyles, but not until today had I ever considered assisted living in the buff. I am not sure the visual on this is really a good one, but, to each their own.

An article out of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida reported last week that Nudists are considering creating an assisted living facility for those who don’t like to wear a whole lot. “What’s going to happen to me and my friends when we have to have heart surgery or a hip replacement?” wondered April Genter, a 46-year-old nudist real-estate agent whose primary customer base is others who share her lifestyle.”

I applaud this idea, and I think the whole idea and appeal of assisted living will gain more acceptance if we can cater to everyone – regardless of hobby, orientation, religion, or anything else. It will be very interesting to see what other types of facilities and concepts come up in the next few years.
You can read the full article from the St. Petersburg Times here

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One thought on “Assisted Living For Nudists?

  1. william Hembree

    I am wondering if there is any nudist assistedliving centers that are curently runing at this time ? If so pleas tell me.