Assisted Living Activities Calendar Ideas

I had someone writing me asking me for ideas for their facility’s activities calendar. Although I am not an administrator, or an activities coordinator, I would like to offer some ideas of things that you could put on your activities roster. I found a few calendars from various facilities online, and have included some of those ideas in here as well:
* Book and Coffee Club – Reading is one of the things people can do even though they might have a physical limitation, and discussing a book over coffee is a great way to have subject matter for a conversation!
* Worship Services – These don’t have to just fall on Sunday. You can do a worship service any day of the week, and it is another good excuse to get residents together.
* Movie Night – Who doesn’t like a good movie? A great way to save money is to have a Netflix account, and you could have each resident add to the queue of movies to be watched!
* How about manicures and pedicures? I think even the men in the facility might enjoy this!
* Exercise Classes – There are so many different types of exercise classes and programs that you could offer to your residents. Even those confined to a wheelchair could do plenty of exercises from their chair. “Chairrobics” is a term I saw on one calendar.
* How about a wine tasting and seminar?
* Bingo is a good standby!
* Computer courses or classes are a great activity as many of our seniors are becoming computer saavy, or are wanting to. Most assisted living facilities have internet or wireless capability, and knowing how to use a computer will help your residents stay connected to friends and family.

These are just a few ideas. I hope that anyone with ideas for an activity calendar not mentioned here will add a comment!

3 thoughts on “Assisted Living Activities Calendar Ideas

  1. Tyler Bond

    I think having a movie night is a great idea, and a good way to get the residents talking. Playing the classics that bring them back to the golden years, or new things that will show the advancement of film making will surly be a great activity.Thanks so much for the other ideas as well, Ill have to tell my grandma about them, to see if she can get the complex to implement a couple.

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