Assisted Living Facility Videos

I believe that the future of the internet is video – with the popularity of youtube and other video services, and the ease in which people can show their videos online, video clips will become one of the most effective ways to get a point across.

I have a dream for Assisted Living Directory – a dream that I am able to include a video clip/tour of each and every facility on the site.   I don’t think this is a realistic goal, but I’ll be happy to get a few good clips for each page.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many out there as of yet.   If I were more mobile, and had unlimited time and resources, I would visit each facility with my own camera in-hand, and shoot an award-winining commercial spot for each facility.  I unfortunately, don’t have that kind of time at the moment.

What this means is that people will have to do the work themselves, and send me their clips!   If you can get a video of your facility, and upload it to Youtube, or send me the clip, I can do the rest from there.  This is an open invitation for any facility to post their facility video on my site!

I found a really good video of an assisted living facility in Florida – Southern Lifestyle Assisted Living in Lake Placid, Florida.   This is an example of a great video promotion for an assisted living facility:

One thought on “Assisted Living Facility Videos

  1. Magnolia Assisted Living

    A video is a good idea! Magnolia Assisted Living is under construction in Gonzales, Louisiana. Currently we have a photo gallery tour with renderings of the facility on our website, but once the facility is complete, we will be sure to consider creating a video.