Trusted State Research Tools For New York Assisted Living

I love states like New York that offer awesome resources for assisted living and senior care which makes it easy for families to research senior care using information and tools that we know are safe, accurate, and trustworthy.

New York actually offers two (that we could find) ways to research facilities.  Our video tutorial explains how they work, and how to use them.

First off, the NY Department of Health has a great page and ‘Assisted Living’ section that lists most of the facilities and programs statewide, broken down by county, and listed alphabetically.

Secondly, the New York Connects tool does much of the same thing, but goes an extra step or two, offering a map of the facility location, as well as facility costs, eligibility requirements, payments accepted, licensure information, and quite a bit more.

These two resources offer a great way to research care, and also a way to verify information that you might have collected elsewhere – sort of an informational ‘checks and balances!’

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We hope these tools and state pages help you with your senior care and housing research in the great state of New York!

One thought on “Trusted State Research Tools For New York Assisted Living

  1. Joseph R. Eastland

    My wife has Parkinsons and associated dimentia. I am looking for a facility that can give us a place to live together and help me care for her needs. I am in good health but cannot care for her alone anymore.