Great Tool For Researching Assisted Living in Nebraska

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I’ve been asked a few times why I so often highlight state resources on my site to help people with their research.   The answer is pretty simple.  There are so many senior care websites out there (I seem to find new ones every day) and some of them have inaccurate or questionable information on them.

I strongly feel that by offering an unbiased, state-resource, it allows people to verify information that they have been presented through another senior site, or through materials offered directly by a facility.   Really, it’s just a ‘sounding board’ for what you have already found, or even just a great way in itself to research care options.

We’re thrilled that Nebraska has such a resource, and we want to highlight it here!

The State of Nebraska offers an excellent tool for searching for assisted living within their Nebraska Resource and Referral System site.  Our video tutorial will take you on a very quick tour of some of the more helpful features of this tool.

‘Assisted Living Choices’ allows users to search for and compare facilities, and to narrow and refine searches based on a number of categories.

Categories include
Safety Features
Socialization Needs
Accessibility Needs

and much more.

To do a general search for assisted living in Nebraska, simply select the “Search and Compare Facilities” tab, and a comprehensive, statewide list of assisted living homes and facilities will be displayed.

One of the most helpful features of this search is to then select the ‘sort by city’ link to have the facilities grouped by city.

You can do the same thing for the county, or facility name.

Selecting a specific facility will bring up detailed information including:

The facility name
Description, including the number of beds
Date opened
Contact information
Ages Served

And an interactive map detailing the exact location of the facility.

This site’s information offers a great way to not only research information, but to double check data and information that you may have found on another site, or in a brochure.

Learn more by visiting the Nebraska Resource and Referral System ‘Show Facilities’ page here: