Find Affordable Assisted Living for Connecticut’s Low Income Seniors

In less than two minutes, our video tutorial will show you how to easily determine which senior care facilities in Connecticut are geared toward low-income seniors, and which of them accept Medicaid, Medicare, Connecticut Home Care Program (download .pdf application), and other assistance programs.

This video was produced by Assisted Living Directory.

This video is also embedded on our Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities  page, so you can return to that section to watch it, and to research facility options on Assisted Living Directory.

We’ve created this video to teach our users how to use trustworthy, state-data and resources to find assisted living, and many other forms of senior care, and to be able to identify those facilities that are appropriate for, or geared to low-income seniors.

The State of Connecticut’s Long-Term Services and Supports section offers an excellent Directory of Providers that lists comprehensive facility information for many categories of senior care, including:

Adult Day Care
Assisted Living
Congregate Housing
Respite Care
Skilled Nursing Facilities

And much more.|41526|&longtermcareNav_GID=1385

Selecting the Assisted Living link will take you to Connecticut’s 2-1-1 Search Results for Assisted Living, which displays facilities statewide for Connecticut.  The information can be sorted, mapped, and printed.

Many of the facilities will have an information link for Assisted Living For Low Income Seniors.   Selecting this link will expand the information about the facility, including
* Fees
* Payment Options, including whether the facility accepts Medicare, Medicaid, or the Connecticut Home Care Program
* Age Eligibility

and much more.

The information presented should be considered extremely trustworthy, and unbiased, as it is provided through State of Connecticut Resources.

These resources also serve as a way for you to verify information that you may have found on another website, or perhaps through a facility’s brochure, or other marketing materials.

Assisted Living Directory’s ongoing goal is to provide a safe place to conduct senior care research, and to point our users to other sites and resources that we feel can be trusted, and that provide solid information.

4 thoughts on “Find Affordable Assisted Living for Connecticut’s Low Income Seniors

  1. Frances

    affordable asst living for my mother that won’t kick her out when her money runs out.

  2. David Post author

    Frances, I just did a new blog post addressing much of your question. Thanks for asking, it is a common question indeed.

  3. Donna


    Is assisted living just for the elderly? Is there an age component? What are the income guidelines?

  4. David Post author

    Hi Donna, the stereotype of assisted living certainly can be that it is for the elderly only, but in my experience of having our site for 9 years, I see so many younger folks inquiring, and also living in assisted living. These folks may have early onset Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, or diabetes, or something else going on.

    Most assisted living facilities don’t have an age ‘requirement’ although some do, but most of them can tell you what the average age of their residents are if you ask.

    I think, also, that for income guidelines, it is widely varying – you may need to do a little research on this to get an idea.