Researching Assisted Living in Alaska Using Trusted Sources and Data

Our video Tutorial will show you in less than 2 minutes where to find trustworthy information for senior care and assisted living throughout Alaska. I’ll also show you where to find a comprehensive .pdf list of senior care facilities statewide (city and rural).

In addition to the information provided on Assisted Living Directory’s Alaska senior care page, I recommend that you stop by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services site.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services website has an excellent and comprehensive section devoted to assisted living in it’s Assisted Living Licensing area.

Within this section there are numerous pdf’s and downloads available to seniors, families, and caregivers to help them to further their research into senior care and assisted living options throughout Alaska.

The first valuable item I would like to point out is the Assisted Living Home List, which is a comprehensive list of Assisted Living Homes throughout Alaska.   City and Rural areas are included.

***NOTE/UPDATE 2014 – this list of facilities is now in an excel-spreadsheet format and can be accessed from the state’s Assisted Living Licensing Section

This list provides
– the name of the facility
– When it was licenced
– The type of residence, and if it can accept residents who are mentailly ill, or with dementia.
– The administrator’s last name
– The Facility Phone Number
– The address, City and Zip Code.

This list is an excellent starting point to learn what is available in your area, or county.

Additionally, the Assisted Living Licensing section of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services site offers comprehensive information on Licencing for facilities, provider forms, incident reporting forms, Grievance Procedure forms, workshop schedules, and much more.

The information supplied here is state-sponsored, and should be considered unbiased, and trustworthy.

Lastly, I would like to point out that the Assisted Living Licensing site offers helpful links and information about Medicaid, service providers, programs and assistance for elderly residents of Alaska.