Too Many Facility Violations? Here’s What Happens

We’ve included a very interesting (and at times unsettling) video clip below that shows the fate of one facility that had too many health and safety violations.

NO assisted living facility is perfect, and I’ll start by saying that most of, if not all assisted living and senior care facilities nationwide have been cited for health, safety or sanitation violations from time-to-time.

Some more than others.

It’s a part of operating any business, especially one that cares for people, or where your ‘client’s’ health and well-being are considered.

No matter how well-run a facility might be, there is no way to 100% effectively control certain variables.  Employees will act out; food will be served at the wrong temperature; a resident will be found wandering.   Aw much as a facility may try to bat 1000, things happen.

Of course, looking at what violations and citations a facility has accumulated over the years is an important gauge of how the facility is run.  With this information, you may want to ask yourself a few questions such as:  1) are there patterns to these violations and 2) What did the facility do to correct them, and how fast did they do it.

Most good facilities will be incredibly responsive and will correct any deficiencies quickly and effectively, and hopefully will learn a valuable lesson – not to be repeated.

However, what happens when facilities and their administrators don’t learn – and violations and citations continue to happen to the detriment and compromise of the well-being of it’s residents?

We found an excellent video that details exactly what happens, and what SHOULD happen when a facility fails to meet standards set out by the state and city – not to mention human and moral standards, boundaries, and guidelines.