Alabama Facilities Search Using Trusted ADPH Data

Assisted Living Directory has been on a bit of a mission lately…

Almost every day, we find questionable senior sites, with not-so-admirable motives.   It’s unfortunate, especially when we are talking about, and dealing with a population (seniors) who may not be as well-equipped to sort through all of the many sources of ‘information’ available regarding their future care.

Building Trust with Senior Care Information

That’s why we want to always point out good, and trustworthy sources of information.    We’ve found one for Alabama that we want to share with you from the ADPH (Alabama Department of Public Health) website.

We’ve already done a short video tutorial on finding facility inspections and deficiencies information for many different types of senior care in AlabamaHowever, we wanted to highlight this method as a way to further your research, and to verify information you may have found with another source, or website.

The ADPH offers a very good online tool that allows users to search for facilities and deficiencies reports by Facility Name, County, or Facility Type, including nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Hospices in Alabama.

To use this tool, follow these steps:

1) Visit the Health Care Facilities/Health Provider Standards page on the ADPH website

2) Select Facility Type, and then, for our purposes, select Assisted Living Facilities

3) Select a County from the list that is displayed alphabetically

The information provided about the facility is not comprehensive, or absolute, but it does give a good idea about what is available in each county, and a way to further your research by finding facility names, and contact information.    All of this information can be viewed within the statement of deficiencies form that can be viewed in .pdf format.