How Georgia Defines Assisted Living

One of the most confusing aspects about assisted living is that it isn’t regulated by one, all-encompassing entity or agency.  Each state may have widely different regulations, laws, and definitions as to what assisted living is, and does.  Additionally, some states don’t even officially recognize the term ‘assisted living’ and may call it something completely different.

Georgia is no exception in terms of a definition, and the state’s Department of Community Health fortunately has a very helpful .pdf document defining assisted living in Georgia, and also talks about Exemptions, Legal Authority and rules around assisted living.

Georgia assisted living definition


All assisted living facilities in Georgia are regulated, and according to the State, “An assisted living community must obtain a permit from the Division of Healthcare Facility Regulation, Georgia Department of Community Health.”

Learn more at: https://www.assisted-living-directory.comcontent/georgia.cfm