An Overview of Maine’s Assisted Living Regulations

An Overview of Maine’s Assisted Living Regulations

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Researching assisted living, at times, can be a hair-pulling-out experience.   With all of the commercial sites out there offering questionable information, through even more questionable tactics, it’s a wonder that people are able to make sound decisions based on solid research at all.

That’s always been my MO for Assisted Living Directory – using our site to showcase the most reliable information, and places online to research.

With this in mind, I’ve always felt that if seniors, families and caregivers know where to find State regulations, and where to turn if they have questions or concerns about the care they are receiving, they are that much more empowered!

Fortunately, learning about Maine’s assisted living regulations, and the agency that oversees assisted living in Maine, is easy to do.

First, let’s point out the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services.

This is the State Agency responsible for the regulation and oversight of assisted living and residential care homes in Maine.

The Department’s site looks like this:

LRS Maine

A visit to the Licensing and Regulatory Services site provides some very useful information and contacts including

Definitions, including Intermediate Care Facility, Level 4 Facility Beds, Multilevel Facility, and more.  It’s important to note that each state defines assisted living differently.

The direct address, and contact for the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Services


Licensing Rules, including Assisted Housing (Chapter 113), and Adult Day Service Programs

DLRS Hotline Numbers, including a hotline for Residential Care Facilities

and much more!

How To View and Get A Copy of Maine’s Assisted Living Regulations

The assisted living regulations for Maine are found on the Department of Health and Human Services site.   This is ‘Chapter 113 Regulations for the Licensing and Functioning of Assisted Housing Programs’ including Assisted Living.

The document is broken into several sections

Assisted Living Programs

Level I Residential Care Facilities

Level II Residential Care Facilities

Level III Residential Care Facilities

Level IV Residential Care Facilities


Level I Private Non-Medical Institutions

Level II Private Non-Medical Institutions

Level III Private Non-Medical Institutions

Level IV Private Non-Medical Institutions

Each section is in a .doc format and can be opened with Word, or a comparable program, and then saved and printed if you wish.

Maine Regulations Chapter 113

Each document, or section is comprehensive, broken into several sub-sections that may include:

  • Purpose
  • Definitions
  • Licensing (including Application, Requirements, Conditions, and Terms)
  • Enforcement Procedures
  • Consumer Rights
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Units Standards
  • Medications and Treatments
  • Verification of Credentials
  • Scope of Licenses
  • Consumer Records
  • Qualifications, Training and Responsibilities
  • Services and Service Coordination
  • Dietary Services
  • Physical Plant and Sanitation
  • Assisted Living Programs with Nursing Services
  • Statutory Authority

and more.

These rules, regulations, and their associated websites and pages highlighted here should provide straightforward direction on learning and being able to refer to Maine’s assisted living regulations.   Each assisted living home should have, or be able to provide a copy of these regulations if requested. 

Additionally, these regulations are critical for anyone wishing to open an assisted living home in Maine, so they are aware of what it will take to manage and operate an assisted living home safely and effectively in accordance with State Laws and Standards.