Our Facility Videos

So, you want to have a video done for your facility?  Smart move!

Assisted Living Directory has been producing videos for assisted living facilities, and we can possibly help you with yours – for free, or for a reasonable charge.   Basically put, if you have a facility in the Denver metro area, we would most likely come out to your facility and do a video free of charge.

(See several examples of our videos below!)

What? Why free?  Well, it’s simply because we enjoy doing it, and it is a great way to help promote facilities, and offer something back.  We also enjoy any chance to practice, and to keep up on our video skills.

What if I live outside of the Denver area?   Well, we should still discuss it.   We’d entertain coming to you, if you would cover travel and lodging.   Even with that, it’s a very inexpensive way to further promote your business, and we would probably enjoy a trip to your part of the country!

Why is video so important?

1) It helps you to ‘engage’ your audience, and allows you to showcase your facility in ways that would be impossible with a static photo.

2) Many times, video comes up highly in search engines, and as people become more computer savvy, they search for information directly on video sites such as Youtube or Vimeo.   Our Youtube channel showcases many of our videos that we have done over the years, and as you can see, many of them have thousands of views!  Actually, we have two channels.  Here is our other Youtube Channel for Assisted Living Directory.

3) Video allows you to embed your information on blogs, and other websites extremely easily!

4) Video helps you to build trust and authority with your users and visitors.

What types of videos have we done for facilities?

We have done videos in a number of different styles.   Some people (facility owners) are very comfortable talking on camera, and like to do the speaking themselves, like in this video (we recommend for all of the videos below to change the Quality to 720p, which is High Definition.  you can do that in the control bar of each video – it makes a difference!):

We realize that some people aren’t comfortable talking on camera, so in that case, we can do a video where we do a ‘voiceover’ from a script, like in this example, which appears on our Castle Rock assisted living page:

Our third example is done more in an ‘interview’ format:

Whatever your preference and comfort level, there are a wide variety of options to personalize your video to your facility, and to your personality and preferences!

What type of equipment do we use?

We use a Canon Rebel T2i, which does amazing HD video.  For the audio part, we use a RODE Video Microphone, which helps us to make the audio clear and crisp!   We also have a number of tricks and tools to create interesting shots, like a Konova Slider (which is a dolly track that allows us to do cool movement shots), as well as a fluid head tripod.

Interested?  Let us know!

Regardless of were you are in the country, let us know if you are interested in doing a video for your facility.  We’ll see what we can work out.   We love to have new opportunities to dust off the camera equipment!