Looking up Illinois Assisted Living Information, Nursing Home Inspections & Deficiencies

Hi Everyone! I’d like to quickly show you how to use trusted, state of Illinois-sponsored data to find assisted living and nursing homes using the State of Illinois Data Portal. I will also show you how to look up nursing home inspections and citations information, and where to find the license application if you wish to open your own assisted living home in Illinois.

So, getting right into it, the State of Illinois Public Health “Data Portal” offers an excellent, thorough, and unbiased list of licensed assisted living and shared housing facilities.

This list can be sorted and filtered by establishment name, address, city, zip code and more. Users can also search by specific criteria, such as city or zip code. For this example, I will enter ‘Chicago’ and a sold list of facilities, including contact information comes up.

Although the information is somewhat basic, it does provide a quick starting point for finding care in the area of Illinois that you are interested in.


Next, I would like to point out an easy way to use state-sponsored data to find nursing homes in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Public Health has a Facility Finder, that allows users to search for nursing care by facility name, city, county, or zip code. Again, I will choose Chicago as our example, and literally dozens of results come up. Clicking on a result provides further details about the facility, including licensure information, number of beds, Medicare/Medicaid beds, contact information, and location.


In the sidebar, users can view Quarterly Reports that detail Nursing Home Violations that happened during specific periods. For this example, clicking on the 1st Quarter of 2012, facilities that have had actions taken against them by the Illinois Department of Health are displayed. Users can then view a Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction.


Lastly, for those wishing to open their own assisted living facility in Illinois, you can view and download the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Initial Licsnese Application from the Department of Public Health website.


Learn more about assisted living in Illinois on Assisted Living Directory.

Ok, thank you for watching our tutorial on using trusted state data and resources to find assisted living in Illinois, including nursing home inspections and violations information. Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Looking up Illinois Assisted Living Information, Nursing Home Inspections & Deficiencies

  1. BR Valentine

    Disturbing to see the number of nursing homes nationwide not meeting the proper guidelines for safety violations. Illinois residents should take the time to review facility information as needed.

  2. David Post author

    Agreed. Unfortunately each state is different, with differing standards, regulations and enforcement, adding to the confusion. So many assisted living homes fly under the radar, some even operating unlicensed. Thanks for your comment!