Looking Up Colorado Facility Health & Safety Inspection Reports

Colorado residents are fortunate to have two very important and useful tools that can be used to research assisted living and other senior care options in Colorado using trusted, state-sponsored resources and data.  These tools and resources can also be used to look up facility health, safety, and inspection reports for facilities in Colorado.

Most websites out there will only offer you a snapshot of what a facility offers, and much like a brochure, this information is often biased, or one-sided, since the information often-times comes straight from the facility itself.   You can bet that a facility owner will not volunteer information about his or her facility inspections history if there is anything negative, or  questionable on it.

Unfortunately, most families and individuals researching assisted living are not aware that, for most states, including Colorado, inspections reports and surveys are often-times readily and easily accessible through the state’s Department of Health website.

We think that this information is extremely valuable, and important to highlight, so consumers can make informed decisions using trustworthy, unbiased data.

For the opening scenes of this video, I walked down the street from my home in Colorado and took a few shots of the Front Range, and Long Peak!   Not a bad place to live, and work I must say!