Looking Up Deficiencies and Inspections for Alabama Assisted Living Facilities

A video tutorial produced by Assisted Living Directory, this short video will show our users how to further research assisted living care in Alabama, including how to look up Deficiencies and Inspections reports for facilities across the state, utilizing the Alabama Department of Public Health website and database.    You’ll also be able to discover other types of care, including hospice and nursing homes.

Users will be able to search for  care by county in Alabama, and by care type.   Each facility listing will display some basic information about the facility, including the location and contact information.   A .pdf with a deficiencies report is also available with most facilities, detailing any issues or citations that may have happened during an inspection.

Another interesting item that is included is a section called “Other Files” which will give you a ‘total score’ for the facility, from 1 to 100.   A great way to see how a facility that you are interested in ranks in comparison with other facilities.

Information provided through the Department of Health should be considered an additional, trusted, state-sponsored way to enhance your research into senior care in Alabama.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Up Deficiencies and Inspections for Alabama Assisted Living Facilities

  1. lynn

    I have found quite a bit of enlightening information about several facilities in then Montgomery area that helped sway my thinking on choosing a place for my father. Thx….

  2. admin Post author

    Lynn, thank you for your comments. Most people simply aren’t aware that this information is readily available in most states, and it can be incredibly helpful information to have as decisions about care are made. I am glad you found a place for your dad. – David