Looking Up Wyoming Assisted Living Facility Inspection & Survey Reports

Hi Everyone, we would like to quickly show you how to look up inspection reports for assisted living facilities in Wyoming, as well as how to find assisted living care using state-sponsored data and resources.  I will also point out licensure and certification information, and how to apply to open an assisted living facility in Wyoming.

We believe that these video tutorials help, since often-times this valuable information is not easy to find, or buried in a sea of other, not-so-trustworthy information and websites.

So, getting right into it, the Wyoming Department of Health has a fairly new tool, or section that allows users to look up inspection reports for facilities in Wyoming – which include assisted living; hospice facilities; nursing homes – and quite a few other categories.   Users can also filter their search by county, and city.

For this example, I will choose nursing home as my facility type, and then Fremont County, and choose a facility.  From there, basic information about the facility comes up first, and then information on Current, and Previous year surveys are displayed, and can then be opened for further information.  A summary of any deficiencies and plan of correction are displayed, and the date the survey was completed.

This inspection report search tool looks to be a fairly new addition to the Department of Health, and is not complete yet, but there is still some excellent information to help you to learn more about specific facilities throughout Wyoming.

Next, the Department of Health also offers a simple Healthcare Facility Directory section for Wyoming, and the information can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.   This is a very comprehensive list of facilities in Wyoming, and should be considered a trusted and unbiased source of information to help with your research.   This list also includes nursing homes, adult day care, and assisted living.  Assisted Living Directory also provides a facility directory for Wyoming.

Lastly, for those of you wishing to open an assisted living facility in Wyoming, I would like to quickly highlight the facility licensure and certification section, which includes a great flow chart that describes the general process for facility licensure, as well as the assisted living license application and survey fees.

Ok, thank you for watching.  I hope this has been a helpful tutorial on finding assisted living and senior care in Wyoming, as well as investigating inspection and survey reports.  Thanks again!