How To Look Up Wisconsin Facility Inspection Reports & Deficiencies

Hi Everyone, This is David with Assisted Living Directory, and I would like to quickly show our newest video on how to use trusted, state of Wisconsin data to find assisted living statewide by county – and how to look up facility inspections, deficiencies cited, and enforcement actions.

So, getting right into it, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services offers an excellent page for Assisted Living Directories and Facility Profiles.  At the bottom, there is a great map of Wisconsin, broken down by county, which is clickable.

This map will take you to facility informaton and profiles for the county in Wisconsin that you are interested in.

Once you have clicked on your county, it will take you to a directory and profile page for that county, and from there, I have found that the most useful and comprehensive page is the “Assisted Living Facility Profiles” page, which will open in a printable, downloadable .pdf document.

This document will list provider informaton for that particular county, which will include the facility name, adress, license status, and contact information.

In addition, you’ll find any surveys and inspections history, listing any deficiencies cited, and if those deficiencies have been corrected.

This information is trusted and unbiased, and should serve to help you to find assisted living in Wisconsin, and to learn more about which facilities have had positive outcomes from state inspections. reports.

All right, thanks for watching, I hope this has been a helpful tutorial on finding assisted living facilities in Wisconsin using trusted, state resources.  Thanks again.

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