Learn Idaho Facilities with Zero Deficiencies

In this blog post, you will learn how to identify assisted living facilities in Idaho (statewide) that have earned the State’s Facility Excellence Award for Zero Deficiencies on Health/Safety Inspections & Surveys.

It’s quite rare for any assisted living facility to get a perfect score on a state inspection, and a tall order for anyone to try to make it happen.  I used to work in the hospitality industry, and I fully know that state inspectors will (Murphy’s Law) visit you on the absolute worst day possible, perhaps when your staff didn’t show up, or perhaps there was some sort of disaster, such as a water leak, or a faulty thermometer for a refrigerator.   Something will almost certainly happen to cause points to be knocked off.

The human aspect too, is almost impossible to manage perfectly. As much as we train our staff, and hire the best people, mistakes will be made.

I believe that a mark of a good business, or facility, isn’t as much if they had some deficiencies to report, but rather how the facility responded to them, and fixed the problem(s) – hopefully permanently.

However, this is not to take away from the incredible feat that a handful of Idaho’s assisted living homes have managed to pull off each year – a perfect inspection by the State, with Zero Deficiencies.  These well-managed facilities earn the state’s “Facility Excellence Award” and are featured on their Department of Health and Welfare site.

Here are the 2013 winners:

Facility Excellence Awards Idaho

You can see these awards, and facilities, by year, on this page:


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