Learn About Assisted Living Administrator Trainings in Rhode Island

Some states are highly supportive to those who wish to become assisted living owners or administrators, offering classes, trainings and programs, and guidance.   Other states, maybe not so much.

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For Rhode Island, you are lucky if you are endeavoring to be in charge of your own assisted living residence, caring for seniors in a safe environment.

Your first step, if you are interested in classes or training programs in Rhode Island is to visit the RIALA site – which is the Rhode Island Assisted Living Association.

Under the Education and Events tab, you’ll see ‘Assisted Living Training.’  These trainings are approved by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Assisted Living Trainings in Rhode Island


From here, there are a few choices: Administrator; Administrator CEU; Nursing and Medical Assistant.

For the Administrator training, which would be one of the more sought after sections, there are quite a few options.

You can participate in the Complete Program, or just take individual courses.  Naturally, there are cost differences depending on whether you are a RIALA member or not – probably a good idea if you are embarking on a career in the assisted living industry.

Course offerings include:

Intro to Assisted Living & Residents Rights
RI and Federal Regulations
Administrative Operations
Human Resources
Budget & Finance for Assisted Living
Housekeeping, Emergency Planning,
Maintaining the Physical Plant, and OSHA
Food Service & Nutrition
Activities & Recreation
Frail Resident Services
Nursing and Medications
Mental Illness in
Alzheimer’s andDementias

To learn more about trainings, course schedules and more, visit the RIALA, under Education and Events: http://www.riala.org/

To learn more about opening your assisted living home, visit Assisted Living Directory’s “How To Open A Facility” page where there have been hundreds of comments, and we include video tutorials, additional state resources and more.