Is it possible for a facility to get a perfect inspections score?

I spend a lot of time pointing our users to resources that help them to learn what type of citations and violations facilities have incurred, and how they responded to, or handled those occurrences.

I don’t ever wish for this to be a ‘focus on the negative’ – it’s really not.  Many facilities score extremely well on inspections, and that should be apparent when looking through inspections reports.  Most states, ususally either the Department on Aging, or Department of Health, will have inspections records for most healthcare facilities, including assisted living, accessible to the public. Our inspections video tutorials help our users to learn how to find, and use these valuable resources.

Unfortunately, though, a percentage of facilities may not do so well, or may have repeated violations that should not be happening.   These instances should be taken very seriously when considering any facility.

The question that came up today is:  Can a facility get a perfect score on health inspections?

Facility Perfect Score

The answer is: Yes.   It’s not very common, but there are absolutely facilities out there who run a well-oiled machine, and that are extremely well managed and operated.

We saw a news story today about King’s Daughters and Sons Home assisted living in Ashland, Kentucky, which has received a perfect score from the state.

Congratulations 1000 times over!


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One thought on “Is it possible for a facility to get a perfect inspections score?

  1. Frank

    I think it is unrealistic for us to hold any facility to perfection. It is nice when it happens but things will happen out of a facility’s control sooner or later…it is how they respond that is important to me.