Finding Senior Care in Washington State Using Trusted ADSA Data

Hi Everyone, this is David with Assisted Living Directory, and I would like to quickly show you how to locate assisted living in Washington by county, city, zip code or license number using comprehensive, trustworthy information compiled by the State of Washington’s Aging and Disability Services Administration.

This site has an excellent Assisted Living Facility Locator tool, that allows users to search for assisted living, adult residential care, enhanced adult residential care, expanded community services and dementia care by specific locations and criteria

Additionally, users can search for facilities by number of beds, as well as facilities that have had recent enforcement letters issued, or those who have not.

As an example, I will choose “King County” and then choose assisted living, 50 beds or less, and show only facilities with enforcement letters.   The list can be displayed on screen, in printer-friendly format, or in an excel file.

My search came up with a number of facilities in King County, including the facility name, license number, contact and location information, type of facility, number of beds, and whether they can or cannot accept Medicaid.

One of the most valuable pieces of information, to me, is the enforcement letter.  Here you can view the letter, or letters to see what types of citations, or violations have occured with the facility.

Depending on the type, and severity of violations, you will be able to decide whether this facility is an acceptable possibility for you, or your loved one.

The information presented through the AGING AND DISABILITY SERVICES administration website should be considered trustworthy and unbiased information that should be extremely useful to you throughout your research.

OK, thanks for watching our tutorial on using trusted, state of Washington data to find assisted living and senior care information statewide.  Thanks again!

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