How about Assisted Living Homes?

I keep thinking that I just don’t like the term “Assisted Living Facility.”  There is something about it that bugs me, and I think I know what it is.

The word “Facility” to me brings up images of stark hallways, sterile, washed out surroundings, beeping medical equipment, and a prison-like atmosphere.  Why I get this image I am not sure – maybe holding on too tightly to stereotypes of the past when nursing homes and hospitals were scary places of neglect and sadness.

I know that nowadays, most assisted living facilities strive to make their environment more homelike, and in some cases “resort” like.  I also know that many “facilities” are actually converted houses in residential areas that look nothing like a medical building or business.

That’s why I like “Assisted Living Homes” when referring to a senior care environment that offers assisted living.  It sounds more “homelike” – a place where apple pie is baking and a lazy housecat is resting on the couch.  After all, who wants to live in a facility.  I’d rather live in a home.

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