Hello to my fellow retirees

Here is an e-mail I received – I normally would delete but this one had some substance, so I thought I would post it.  This email does not indicated a “political stance” by our site by any means.

Hello to my fellow retirees,

Like many of you, Social Security is my principal source of income. Can you imagine if it had been privatized, as John McCain has wanted to do for years?  What a fix we’d be in right now!  Of course, today his proposals would affect only future seniors, but is that what you want to wish on future retirees?  To have modest income one day, only to have a large percentage of it disappear when another market bubble bursts?

We need to retire John McCain.  He was once a man of integrity who has run the sleaziest campaign in living memory.  Even Karl Rove has said that his anti-Obama ads stretch the truth beyond acceptable limits.  That’s Karl Rove, Bush’s chief strategist!  And now we learn that Clean John McCain is in bed with the gambling industry!

I say, give Obama/Biden a chance.  They are men of integrity, and they certainly can’t do a worse job than Bush/McCain.

Timothy Smith
Rehoboth Beach, DE